Companies manufacturing and processing food are constantly demanding better protective properties in packaging materials to ensure the maintenance of quality, taste and appearance of the product throughout its journey to the consumer.

Our vast experience gained over a number of years in the Vacuum and MAP packaging industries, and particularly in the thermoforming base webs, have driven Hafliger to develop a hi-tech production process for the manufacture of extruded or laminated multi-layer films for the packaging of fresh or processed meats, cheese and other types of food.

Hafliger's comprehensive product range includes multi-layer films with different options for gas barrier, mechanical resistance and sealing properties which find the optimal application during the packaging of fresh or processed products with automatic HFFS or VFFS machines.

In addition, Halfliger offer, includes multi-layer films which can provide a wide range of properties as high transparency, UV barrier, anti-mist, easy opening and the capability to stand pasteurisation or sterilisation processes.

As a contribution to sustainability our manufacturing process's are specialised in producing thin, lightweight flexible packaging that use the minimum necessary levels of raw material without compromising quality and performance.