A flexible material for the packaging of medical products should meet three basic requirements: it must maintain the aseptic condition of the products, offer adequate protection for puncture, tear and abrasion resistance and provide easy sealing properties.

As no single material is able to comply with all these requirements at a satisfactory level, Hafliger have developed a special non-toxic multi-layer film consisting of three different materials, with each layer performing a specific function.

The nylon–based external layer acts as gas barrier and offers outstanding strength for puncture and abrasion resistance. The inner layer increases the tear resistance and in addition provides steam barrier properties. The sealing layer has been formulated for easy sealing even with paper.

These multi-layer films are suitable for sterilisation with both ethylene oxide and gamma–rays for long term protection.

Stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing processes for these multi-layer films, guarantees a constant high quality which meets the standards required by the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Barrier layer
Inner layer
Sealing layer